Beard Jams: Coat Check Girl by JEFF The Brotherhood

What’s going on everyone?! I noticed JEFF The Brotherhood came out with new music the other day, so we’re sharing it! This one is entitled Coat Check Girl.

First thing I noticed is that the overall sound is a little more polished than we are used to from this band. However, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I mean, all bands and artists want to play and record on good equipment, right? Right. It’s JEFF The Brotherhood’s time to play on nice equipment.

The song still has the classic JEFF The Brotherhood charm that we all know and love, while sounding a little more mature then their previous work. It’s a nice little song that anyone can get behind and enjoy. It sounds like a love song too, which is sweet.

My favorite moments in the song are the little ones; the guitar riff right before the chorus, the background oh’s, and the lyrics.

Overall, a great new release from JEFF The Brotherhood that shows growth while still maintaining their unique sound. If you liked what you heard, share this post and visit JEFF The Brotherhood at Their new album entitled Wasted On The Dream comes out March 10th!

Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! Follow us on twitter @musicbeards and use the hashtag #musicbeards. We’re on facebook too! See you then!

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