Beard Jams: October by Del Paxton

What’s going on everyone?! This is Dan, and I found some sweet music coming out of Buffalo, NY. This one is entitled October and is by a band known as Del Paxton.

   This is a really nice track. I’m really enjoying the overall sound of this song. The guitar parts are interesting as they speed up, and then come together to form a cohesive sound, and then speed up again. It’s the same tempo throughout the song, but the way the guitar parts play, it sounds like a change in tempo. Anyways, it works and it’s really fun to listen to. This song reminds me of skating or cycling during the fall and going through all of the leaves that are falling. (I’m super excited for the fall.)

   The vocals are really solid in this track. The lead vocalist has a great tone in his voice and has just the right energy in every part of the song. His voice blends in well with the band to create a delicate, but powerful, vocal part in this song. The harmonies are great as well.

   This is a really solid song that gets right to the point! It sounds great and I’ve been hooked on this song ever since I first heard it a few days ago. Del Paxton reminds me of The Front Bottoms and Man Overboard mixed together. Has the song structure and coolness of The Front Bottoms, and the emotional appeal of Man Overboard. What’s also awesome is that they’re opening up for The Front Bottoms on September 20th in Ithaca, NY! Solid music and a solid show! It’s only a matter of time before you start hearing these guys more and more. I’m enjoying everything about them. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

   Check out Del Paxton at these fine social media sites:



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