Beard Jams: Smokey Lungs and Dirty Puns by David Craft

What’s going on everyone?! It’s been a long time since we’ve had some folk on here. Today, we break that streak by bringing you a song entitled Smokey Lungs and Dirty Puns by Australian artist David Craft!

This song is pretty sweet. It’s simplicity is refreshing and easy to listen to. The guitar accompaniment is beautiful. It’s delicate and crisp. It reminds me of walking through the woods on a brisk autumn morning. (I think I have autumn on my mind as it is almost that time of the year here in the USA.) It’s a very enjoyable guitar part and maintains it’s pleasantness after listening to it multiple times.

David Craft has a tremendous voice. It’s really awesome to hear a vocalist with a lower voice register. (Meaning that it’s nice to hear a vocalist who sings at a lower pitch.) His voice cascades over the beautiful guitar part and adds a chilling quality to the song. His voice is full of emotion and energy, even though his vocal part is delicate. He has a great voice that I think a lot of people will find very enjoyable.

The music video is also unique as well. It captures the emotion and delicateness of the song perfectly. The performer in the music video, Lily Roberts, moves so elegantly through this song. I really enjoyed when the confetti started falling down as well. It definitely delivered that crisp sensation I got when listening to the song. A nice, simple, and effective music video.

Overall, this was a great song! The vocal part was beautiful, the guitar part was beautiful, and the music video was beautiful! Beauty all around in this effort by David Craft. I really enjoyed listening to this song and I’m excited to see where he goes from here! He’s doing pretty well at the moment as he is currently on tour in Australia! If you’re in the Melbourne area, check him out! If you liked what you heard, share this article and/or share the song! Be sure to check him out at a fine social media link provided below:




Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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