Insomnia Music Festival Preview: Soul Searcher (Original Mix) by Davino



   Hey everyone! This is Dan. I’ll be at the 2014 Insomnia Music Festival in Owego, NY on June 20th-22nd! I’m really excited about the festival. If you’re going to the festival, find me and say hello! Anyways, I thought it would be cool to preview some of the artists who will be at the upcoming Insomnia Music Festival. The first artist is known as Davino. Here is his song entitled Soul Searcher!

   This song starts off in a unique and interesting way. The intro is simple, but sounds really cool. It almost reminds me of a warning alarm due to the repetition of the synths and drum pads on the down beats. You could also look at it as it sounds like a warning alarm because the song is about to develop and blossom into EDM bliss. It builds up very quickly and then drops into a pleasant piano and synth part. This piano/synth part is really nice and relaxing. It’s a great little melody and it is catchy! 

   As the song progresses, the intro is combined with this pleasant piano/synth part. It made me think of how you can have something that relaxes you, but at the same time have something that’s crazy that coexists with everything else going on in your life. In simpler terms, I like the contrast of the intro with the piano/synth part. 

   Overall, this song was really cool. There are some unique and interesting dynamics in this song that will have you dancing. Each part sounds great and the song gains even more dynamics and energy when these parts are combined! I also think that this track would be a cool intro track for a live set. This is a great song to listen to at night. Perfect timing because I’m writing this at night, and the Insomnia Music Festival is also at night! 

   I wanted to know Davino’s thoughts about this song and the upcoming festival as well, so I reached out to him and asked him a few questions! Enjoy! 

   Musicbeards: Describe how you came up with the song and the inspiration behind it.

   Davino: “Hmmm, inspiration huh? Well… I was at a local park in Johnson City, [NY], while it was raining one day. I sat on a mildly damp bench listening to some ambient electronica, (The group Royksopp to be specific.) I began to just let loose a lot of stress and tension I had built up from living in this convoluted world when I started humming to myself this quite entrancing little melody. I sat home in the pouring rain and some of the pitter patters of the rain started to resonate with me. I remembered the days I would sit among the planty atmosphere deep in the woods meditating. The memories, feelings and sounds sort of spelled the track out for me and in a way used me to write the track that was never meant to be a hardstyle track, until a friend of mine suggested it to me. I think I remember him saying ‘you should use the kick from your last track (memories) over this and crank up the BPM’…. The rest, well, is history as they say.”

   Musicbeards: Describe the writing and recording process for Soul Searcher.

   Davino: “The process for me is always the hardest to describe… I like to think of myself as a chaotic producer but with an organized method. Writing Soul Searcher was a voyage. It began with some piano that became recorded guitar that I then copied the harmonic structure over to form a nice guitar/harp combo. Keep it fluid is what I always say. Then I thought some nice pads would do great. To be quite honest, it was intended to be an ambient piece… I think I sat there hand crafting bits and pieces for this track on and off for four to five hours a day. After a friends suggestion of cranking the BPM and adding the kick, I moved some stuff around and the arrangement came to be before I added a quick pre master and sent it in to my label.” 

   Musicbeards: What are you most excited about performing at this years Insomnia Music Festival? 

   Davino: “What aren’t I excited about? Insomnia is such a fantastic collaboration of music, people and atmosphere. I have some massive things planned for my performance there this summer and I assure anyone who is a fan of my music and performance will not be disappointed. Of course, I am just one entity in this crazy collective of local talent so be sure to catch all of the performances on each night because I am positive that no one is gonna disappoint.”

Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! The Insomnia Music Festival takes place in Owego, NY from June 20th-22nd! See you there! 

   To check out more of Davino, check him out at these fine links listed below, and be sure to watch him at this years Insomnia Music Festival! 





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