Beard Jams: Look Alive by Yabadum



   Hey everyone! This is Dan and I have an awesome song for you all today and for this weekend! It’s called Look Alive, and it’s by a band known as Yabadum! Look Alive comes off of their latest album entitled Careful Kid

   This song is really nice! The song really picks up after the first 30 seconds with a catchy and fun verse. All of the instruments sound great together during the verse. The bass line with the piano and drum part make for a relaxing and enjoyable verse. It’s nice and light but also very fun. It makes me think of a nice stroll through a park on a Sunday afternoon. It’s nice.

   Things get even nicer when the chorus comes along in this song. If you liked the verse, you’re going to love the chorus. It’s filled with a fun, light, bouncy and vibrant energy. The drum part sets up the energy and all of the other parts help develop this fun sound to it. There’s even some synth thrown in as well that sounds great. A really nice chorus. 

   The vocals are nice as well! The vocalist has a really nice tone to his voice. The verses fit right in with the rest of the instruments, while the chorus vocal part provides the energy to push the chorus over the edge, [In a good way of course.] There is also some background vocals that sound cool as well! 

   Overall, this was a really nice song! I really enjoyed everything about it. The verses have a great story-telling quality to them, while the choruses are filled with a vibrant fun energy and sound. All of the instruments sound great with each part having unique qualities to them. Vocals sound great and provide just the right amount of energy in each section. Definitely check this one out if you need some fun indie rock and indie pop that’s filled with summer fun. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! 

   To check out more of Yabadum, find them at these lovely links below! Be sure to check out their latest album entitled Careful Kid!




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