Beard Jams: Terrapin by Marsicans


   What’s going on everyone?! I’ve been very busy, but I need to let you guys know of some awesome music that has come out! Luckily classes are over for me and I’m just waiting to graduate! It’s been way too long since I showed you all another song. This one is entitled “Terrapin”, and is by our friends Marsicans!

   The drum beat is the first thing to come in and set the mood. I really like the floor tom rhythm. It’s simple, but effective.  When the verse comes in, the drums and bass work really well together to make a very catchy rhythm part. The guitar part sounds nice as well. It’s nice and light and fits right in with the rest of the song. There’s a nice guitar riff towards the end as well! The bass has some great bass lines. They sound like they would be really fun to play. In the chorus, the bass plays a vital role of getting us back into the song and transitions out of the bouncy feeling. 

   Vocals are nice and crisp in this song. The melody is pretty nice as well! The vocals really help keep the song moving along in the verses and the chorus sections. The singer has a nice range as well that is demonstrated a bit in this song. 

   When I hear this song, I instantly think of the summertime. It’s a fun song that makes you instantly want to dance. The chorus is simple with the instruments playing on the beat, but it is in that simplicity where it makes the song fun and danceable. It really has a bouncy feeling to it in the chorus, which naturally makes you want to move with the song. 

   Additionally, another cool concept that I thought of when listening to this song is that when the verses come in, it’s daytime and you’re on a beach. When the chorus comes along, you’re still on that beach but now it’s nighttime and you are having a bonfire. Just another quirky thought that popped into my head while listening. Don’t mind me. 

   Overall, this is a another great song from our friends in England who are known as Marsicans. Definitely check this one out, and add it to your summer gatherings and playlists! Grab the song over on their bandcamp and check out their website as well! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!



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