Beard Jams: My Secret to Keep by The She’s

Hello there! Long time, no post. I know. I’m sorry. I’m currently finishing up my last few weeks of college for my bachelor’s degree! It’s a very busy, but fun time right now. Do you know what else is fun? This song I’m about to share with you! It’s entitled “My Secret to Keep” and it’s by a band known as The She’s! The She’s are from San Francisco, California!

One thing I notice in the beginning is that the vocals are really great in this song! The lead vocalist, Hannah Valente, has a great tone to her voice. It’s a sweet voice, with lots of cool mixed in with it. I could definitely listen to her voice all day long. I really enjoy it. The harmonies are wonderful in this song as well! They really add some depth and emotion to this song. It’s a nice burst of power and sound in this song when the harmonies come in. All of the vocals are bright and sunny.

Another part I enjoyed in this song was the guitar solo/ riff going on towards the middle of the song. It picks up in intensity and there are some cool effects going on with the guitar. It gives it a dreamy feel to it. I also imagine ocean waves coming in to the shore when I hear this section. The tempo slows down after this first dream like section, adding more depth and emphasis to this section. Then the song speeds back up again. All of the instruments sound sweet in this section. No one instrument is fighting over the other. The instruments really blend with each other and compliment each other too.

Overall, this was a very cool song. The song sounds very bright and sunny. Vocals are amazing, the instruments sound great together, and overall it sounds great. I definitely felt like I was skating or out in the sun as I listened to this song. It gave me my listening vitamin D for the day. (That would be crazy awesome if that was an actual thing.) Check this song out, and help spread it around! To check out more of The She’s, check out these fine links!

As always, share the blog and post with everyone you love. Until next time, have fun and stay safe!

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