Beard Jams: Chivalry by Marsicans

What’s going on everyone?! We’re back with another awesome song for you all to enjoy today! This one is entitled “Chivalry”, and it is by a band we have covered before known as Marsicans!

Right off the bat, I love the opening guitar riff. It’s very fun and inviting. It is a great way for this song to start off. The bass lines are awesome as well in this song. It plays a vital role in this song and is done very well. There is just the right amount of bass, and it sounds great. It’s nice to be able to hear the bass as well! Some songs just stick the bass in the mix, but this song actually values the bass part, which is wonderful.

I also like the drum parts as well. I really like the variation during the first part of the verse, and the second part of the verse. I really enjoy that they switch up the drum parts in the verse of the song. It keeps the song that much more fun in my opinion.

The vocals are sweet in this song. The lead singer has a pretty killer voice! It sounds great throughout the whole song. I really like the tone of his voice as well. He has some great high notes as well. When he sings the high notes, he’s not forcing them to come out. Take note singers, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Don’t force or push it to come out. I also like the group vocals. Overall, great vocals in this track.

Since we are using the music video, let’s talk about the video itself as well! I think it fits the mood of this song perfectly. All of the bright, fun colors paired with the band performing and having fun is perfect. I love it when bands actually have fun creating and performing music. I don’t much about making videos, but I like how there would be one camera on one of the band members and then other cameras filming a different angle or other band members. (It might be just one camera too! Who knows. I don’t want to take away the mystery of it all.)

Overall, this was a great song. Fun and inviting indie pop/ indie rock with great instrumentation. Marsicans remind me of San Cisco, The Wombats, and Cub Sport. All great bands to sound like. If you don’t know Marsicans, get to know them now. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

To check out more of Marsicans, check them out over at their bandcamp at!

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