Beard Jams: Days Are Dreaming by Goldbloc

What’s going on everyone?! Hopefully everyone is having a splendid weekend! My weekend started out with a local jazz concert and drinks with friends. It was pretty rad. You know what else is pretty rad? Todays song we have to share with you all! It’s entitled “Days Are Dreaming”, and it is by Goldbloc! Goldbloc is a collaboration between producer GoldenHaus and vocalist and artist Solei!

I really enjoyed the intro to this track. I felt like this song sets up really nice with the vocal loops and mellow synths. It has a really nice chill vibe to it. I feel like this song is great no matter what mood you are in.

The music in the background is nice. It has a nice beat to it, and it is catchy as well! The soft synths really add to this piece as well. When combined with the electronic beats, it sounds great.

Vocals are awesome! As I mentioned in the beginning, I love how there are vocal loops going on in this song. It definitely creates and adds a unique texture to this song. Solei’s voice is unique as well. (In a good way.) It’s very intriguing to me. A great story-telling voice with just a hint of smokiness. It sounds great.

Overall, this was a really nice track! I really enjoyed both the music and vocals on their own, but combined it creates something pretty magical. It’s very easy to get lost and relax with this song. I enjoyed every second of it. Definitely check this one out! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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