Beard Jams: Australia (Don’t Ever Let Her Go) by Satellite Stories

Happy Monday everyone! This is my last week of break before school starts again. I’m definitely looking forward to classes starting again. This is also my last semester before I graduate, so I’m excited and curious about what the next few months will bring me. Anyways, todays song to ease our minds is called “Australia (Don’t Ever Let Her Go)”. It’s by a band that is known as Satellite Stories.

The fun in this delightful indie pop/ indie rock song starts right away. There is a great build up during the verses. The chorus furthers this emotion and energy found in the verses. The chorus is also filled with moments to dance to, which is always a plus!

The bass has some nice little interlude parts. It’s also pretty cool when the bass and guitar part plays off of each other during the interludes. Additionally, the singer has a pretty sweet voice. It’s smooth when it needs to be, and always fun and delightful.

Overall, this is a nice track! Especially to start off your Monday evening. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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