Beard Jams: Cape Cod by Boy Goliath

Happy Friday everyone! Who’s doing something super exciting tonight?! I don’t have any plans, so who knows what will happen. I do know that for at least four minutes, I’ll be pleasantly entertained by todays song. “Cape Cod” by Boy Goliath!

This track is really nice. It’s fun, light, and relaxing. That being said, it’s also very danceable! If this song is what it feels like to live in Cape Cod, then send me there right away!

I love the instruments and sounds used in this track. I enjoy how the guitar and electronic beats work with each other. I think guitar with electronic beats can be hard to pull off, and Boy Goliath has done this very well. All of the instruments combined create a wonderful track.

Overall, I really enjoyed this song. It’s a refreshing track for anytime of the day. This song will definitely be stuck in my head for today, but in the best way possible. There are so many enjoyable things in this song, it’s hard not to like it and dance to it. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone. Keep on dancing.

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