Beard Jams: Funeral Beds by The Districts

Here’s another cool song for you all. It’s a nice indie folk song entitled “Funeral Beds”. It is by a band named The Districts.

The intro is really nice. This song builds up very nice. It takes it’s time too, which is a nice change up from other tracks these days. I would say, this song keeps building up throughout the whole duration of the song. Once we get to the build up though, it’s magical. I’m not kidding, it’s absolutely magical. If you don’t feel anything by the end of the song, you might be a robot. Don’t get me wrong, robots are cool and everything, but you definitely want to turn on your emotions for this song.

I really like the singers voice in this song. Lots of emotion coming through his voice. My favorite moments are right before the build up about half way through the song, and once the song gets to the build up moment as well. His soft moments are dreamy, and his passionate moments is what any love sick person needs.

This is a really nice track. The beginning made me just sit back and enjoy everything going on. By the end of the song, I felt like I was really connecting with the singer…even though I’m not there with the singer at all. Definitely check this one out. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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