Beard Jams: Can’t Shake The Feeling by Diamond Youth

Hey everyone! How’s it going? Hopefully your day has been delightful. I’m in a rut right now, so no delightfulness for me. Anyways, we are going to switch it up a little bit with some indie rock. Diamond Youth is back with their latest single “Can’t Shake The Feeling” off of their upcoming ep “Shake”.

I really like the vocals on this track. Fits in very well with the rest of the music. It sounds very smooth to me, which is something I have not heard lately in rock music. It’s a refreshing change.

Chorus sections are nice. I really enjoyed the last chorus in this song. Everything comes to a head at the end. It’s exactly what I needed at this very moment. The guitar riff is enjoyable as well. It’s a riff you can easily enjoy.

Overall, it’s a nice track! It reminds me of Queens Of The Stone Age, Weezer, and a little bit of Wavves. It’s a nice track to warm up to while jamming out. (My jamming out is dancing in my room. Your version of jamming may be something else. I do enjoy jamming as in playing the actual song on a musical instrument as well). Check it out, share the track, and share Musicbeards!

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