Beard Jams: Magic by DCUP

Hello everyone! Hopefully everyone had an awesome weekend! I got to hang out with my family and bake with them. I always enjoy baking with my family, drinking, and telling stories. The holiday season is a good time in my house. You know what else is a good time? This song I’m about to share! It’s entitled “Magic”, and it’s by an artist known as DCUP.

This track has a nice build up. I really love the bass sound in the beginning. Very funky, and 100 percent awesome. When the piano comes in, it’s a nice touch to the track. The song gets even better as it goes on. The first time after the vocalist saids “Magic”, is really cool because you get to hear how everything combined sounds together. It’s a really nice blend of sounds.

Overall, I really liked this track. There is a really nice party/ celebratory feel to this song in my opinion. It has a great groove that I believe lots of people can move to. It had me dancing all the way through the song. I really enjoy when a song can make me do that. Anyways, check out this song, share with everyone you know, and give the free gift of Musicbeards to all of your loved ones. Take care everyone.

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