Beard Jams: Salt by Bad Suns

Here’s another cool song that came out a few days ago! It’s entitled “Salt”, and it’s by a band named Bad Suns!

This track is really nice. Has a great groove and beat throughout the entire song. The bass in this song is awesome. Fits the song in every way possible. Guitar has a nice tone in this song as well and once again fits with the song very well. Vocals are really nice in this song as well! Vocals capture you during the verses, and then they give you even more during the choruses.

Speaking of the chorus section, the chorus is definitely one of my favorite parts of the song. I really like how all of the parts sound together. All parts feed off of each other very well. I also admired the sections where the vocals come in with “These memories are nothing to me, just salt”. I like how there is a short break, and the band gets right back into the song. Helps break up the song, and also helps the listener get into the chorus section each time.

Overall this is a nice little song! It made me dance in my seat while writing this, which is always a good thing. I’m a little upset to discover that Bad Suns played at the CMJ Music Marathon this year. Not because they played at the CMJ festival, but because I was at this years CMJ Music Marathon and I totally missed this band. However, I’m glad I found about them when I did. Keep an eye on this band. I feel like there is going to be good things coming from this band in the future. Especially on January 21st, 2014 when they are set to release their “Transpose EP”. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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