Beard Jams: The World by Cloud Caverns

What’s going on everyone? I’ve still got many posts about CMJ to come up on this blog! The time has not been in my favor though as I’ve been running around getting all of my missed work done because I had school still during the CMJ Music Marathon. Totally worth it, but I still had to get everything done. However, I have a moment to breathe! While I breathe, let’s check out another cool song! This one is called “The World”, and it’s by a band known as Cloud Caverns.

This song has a light hearted, easiness to it. I’m not saying it’s easy to play, rather that it has a nice sound to it that I believe a lot of people can groove to. The vocals are spectacular. The singers voice has a great storytelling quality to it, and it captures your attention throughout the whole song. The guitar parts are great as well. I love the the lead guitar riff with the rhythm guitar. Additionally, who can forget about the bass? Certainly not me. Great bass line that first gets introduced in the beginning of the song.

Overall, this is a fantastic track. I really enjoyed the peacefulness to this track. It made me think of that feeling you get when you are relaxing on a cool, cloudy, autumn day. If you don’t get that lazy Sunday feeling on cool, cloudy, autumn days then maybe that’s just me. Even if you don’t get that same feeling, maybe this song still makes you groove and dance around. I know I really enjoyed this song. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

Check out Cloud Caverns at these fine social media outlets!

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