Beard Jams: Pictures by Stone Cold Fox

Hey everyone! I saw these guys the first night I was at the CMJ Music Marathon this year. The studio at Webster hall. Oddly enough, that’s where I started my first ever CMJ Music Marathon experience. Weird. I also ended up losing my drivers this year on my first night of this years CMJ Music Marathon. Luckily, I found it that night a few hours later. Anyways, even though that night was kind of crazy, it was still magical and worth it. You know what else is magical and worth it? Todays song. “Pictures” by Stone Cold Fox.

One of my favorite parts in this song are the oh sections. I love when there are some good oh’s in a song. These oh’s not only continue throughout the whole song, but kind of get the song really going as well. The guitar is light, but fits right in with this song. Everything forms together very nicely. Voices and instruments included.

I really enjoyed seeing this band live. They had a nice stage presence, and seemed like they were having fun! (Especially the bass player…don’t worry. I was having just as much fun in the audience as you were on stage.) If you get the chance, see these guys live. It was a great show to start off my CMJ Music Marathon week. Be sure to check them out at these fine social media outlets!

Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! Additionally, if you want to see some cool live pictures of Stone Cold Fox and other bands I saw at CMJ this year, go find musicbeards on facebook!

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