Beard Jams: Jump Into Life by Eclectic Approach

Hey everyone! How has it been? I know, long time no see. My life for the past two weeks has consisted of homework, internships, and hanging out with my best friend every chance that I get. Even though I love what I’ve been doing these last few weeks, it makes me unable to post for a while.

However, awesome people who are reading this are more than welcome to suggest music for us. Trust me, it’s very much appreciated when I’m super busy like this.

Todays post was actually suggested to me from one of our followers on Tumblr! Their blog is called eternally-eclectic. Go check it out and follow it. Their musical suggestion was a song called “Jump Into Life” by Eclectic Approach.

This is a really cool song, with lots of sounds going on. Sounds blend together very well to make a very happy, and upbeat pop anthem about living in the moment and enjoying that moment. I had a friend tell me once when I was stressed out at school to “Embrace the craziness.” It’s very true right now for me.

Check this one out! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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