Beard Jams: My Friends Never Die by ODESZA

What’s going on everyone?! Yes, I’m still alive and well. School has started, and unfortunately that means less time for the blog. However, I’m here today with a sweet track! It’s called “My Friends Never Die.” It’s by ODESZA

I really like the combination between the hip hop beats, and an electronic song. It’s a nice combination with some beautiful sounds. There is a nice bubbly, and airy synth going on. Theres also a pretty cool razor sharp synth going on as well. Add this with a smooth piano sound, and it’s a treat for your ears.

This track made me dance and listen for the whole song. It has a great beat, and great sounds.

It reminds me of walking through my school’s campus being it’s my senior year. The track reminds me of that confidence one gets while being the upperclassmen. Great track. Check it out, and see what you think! Take care everyone.

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