Beard Jams: Homeless Romantic by Itch feat. Adam Lazzara

What’s up everyone?! I thought I’d come back with another cool song I heard while I was at Warped Tour. It’s called “Homeless Romantic”, and it’s by an artist named Itch. On this track, Taking Back Sundays lead singer Adam Lazzara also makes an appearance.

I like the intro with the drums. The verse continues this drum beat with Itch rapping over it. I really like his sound. Reminds me of a more poppy 360. (The artist 360, not the skateboard move). He sounds cool, relaxed, and chill. I can actually understand what he is saying too! That’s always a plus for me with hip hop/rap parts.

The pre-chorus and chorus are nice. The chorus goes hard. Pure rocking out time right here. I love Taking Back Sunday so having Adam Lazzara sing the chorus pleased my eardrums.

While I was at Warped, Itch was actually one of the first artists I watched. He was in a wheelchair because he shattered his ankle. On top of this, he was on heavy pain medication. Despite these rough conditions, Itch still went hard. He was very good. So much passion in his voice. When he was not rapping, he was playing a floor tom. I just admired how well he sounded even though he was hurt. Lots of respect for him.

Additionally, Adam Lazzara was not performing with him live, but the singer they had was good as well.

Overall, it’s a very cool track. I’m usually a little weary when hip hop and rock music combine, but I think they pulled this track off very nicely. It definitely made me move. They were really good at Warped as well.

Don’t just take my words though, check it out and see what you think! Take care everyone.

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3 Responses to Beard Jams: Homeless Romantic by Itch feat. Adam Lazzara

  1. chwomp says:

    A little late, but Lazzara performed with Itch when Warped Tour stopped in Charlotte! I’m sure there’s video of it somewhere online. There are a handful of pictures of the performance on Lazzara’s instagram.

    • Yeah, I heard about that threw Taking Back Sundays Facebook page! That would have been very cool to see those two perform together live. Thanks for commenting about it though! Take Care.

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