Beard Jams: Goodnight Moon by Go Radio

Hey everyone! I’m back from Warped Tour! Let me tell you, it was amazing. Hanging with my best friend, seeing my favorite bands, it was simply amazing. One of the bands I watched at Warped this year was a band named Go Radio. This is their song entitled “Goodnight Moon”.

The intro is very gentle and delicate. The piano with the singers voice is just awesome. Once the singer gets to where he sings “Goodnight Moon, and goodnight you, when you’re all that I think about. All that I dream about. How’d I ever breathe without a goodnight kiss from goodnight you…” that’s where this song really starts to hit you right in your heart.

Everyone can relate to these lyrics. Even myself. I have someone that I think of all of the time, and they are even in my dreams from time to time. I’m always a sucker for anything that has to do with love. Hopeless romantic right here.

From the first chorus the song just keeps on picking up in intensity. With the increase of energy, it makes you sing the chorus that much louder and relate to the chorus that much more. It’s a beautiful song. That’s why I’m sharing this one today.

As I touched on a little bit earlier, this singer can sing. His quiet parts are warm and gentle. His bigger moments are so passionate, that you will get goosebumps. His voice, with the lyrics of this song, just make for one incredible song. You have to listen to this one. Anyone that loves music will truly appreciate this singers voice.

Don’t just take my love daydream thoughts for this song. Listen to it, and see what you think! (I dare you not to think of anyone while you hear this song, cause it’s impossible.) Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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