Beard Jams: Betwixt by OMN

What’s up everyone! Hopefully you all had a pretty awesome weekend. I know I did. Lots of good food, and a bonfire. Anyways, let’s get right to todays track. It’s called “Betwixt”, and it’s from a producer named OMN. This dude is only 18 years old, and he is making some pretty cool music. Awesome stuff.

In this track, it has a very chill and relaxed feel to it. I think of the intro section of this song like a sunrise. Before it comes up, it’s dark, usually cold, and there is a sudden peace in the air. Then as the sun comes up, it’s light spreads over all of the land. I think this song kind of develops like this.

With the dual female and male voices, I also think of these two voices waking up after a crazy night. Whatever happened, it’s not that great.

Musically, I love how there is not a constant vocal section. Sometimes the music does the talking instead of the vocals, and that is a wonderful thing. The beat is very nice, as well as all of the keyboards and synths.

Overall, this track is very nice. Very peaceful. See what you think, and check it out for yourself! Take care everyone.

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