Beard Beats: Aht Uh Yo Hed by Dave Hammer’s Power Supply

How’s it going everyone! For the next installment of Beard Beats, we will be looking at an album from Dave Hammer’s Power Supply entitled “Aht Uh Yo Hed”. First, let’s start with the individual tracks.

“It’s Not Worth It”: Dreamy intro. Decent lyrics. Great introduction to the album.

“Conartist”: Nice contrast between the jazz and indie rock sounds. Really liked the ending of the song.

“Aht Uh Yo Hed”: Great vocal part. Song is pretty chill, yet filled with so much soul.

“Robots”: Great intro. Great lyrics. Probably my favorite song of this album. Very simple, yet so effective.

“Exit 19a”: Has a that’s what she said joke in the intro. Awesome already. A little lo-fi, but feels very warm and inviting. Love the vocals.

I’ve been a big fan of Dave Hammer’s Power Supply ever since I heard their album entitled “Words”. I love how they have a nice blend of Jazz and Indie Rock. It’s a unique blend that personally I have not heard duplicated. Album is a great listen. I always like listening to Dave Hammer’s Power Supply in the evening. It’s one of those bands you want to listen to with some coffee and by a fire. Overall, these are some seriously talented musicians. Definitely deservers more people listening to their music. Absolutely love this album

Now to try and put a number on this album, I give it a 9.5/10. In a beard rating, it’s a nice trimmed beard matched with a nice, sharp suit. Definitely check this album out. Take care.

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