Beard Jams: Sunrays by Catching Flies

Welcome back everyone, and happy friday! You made it another week. Congratulations. Today’s song I want to share is called “Sunrays”, and it’s by a producer named Catching Flies. This is one of the most chill tracks I have come across in a long time. Even though it’s relaxed, that does not mean that it is awesome, because it is. The song slowly advances, but keeps the same feeling throughout. It’s a very nice track to do some thinking to, do some studying, or even after a late night of drinking, (It is Friday after all!). While this track is good, if you listen to the whole ep all the way through, the songs mesh together quite nicely. The ep is available on the artists bandcamp page. Check this out, and see what you think! Have fun, and stay safe tonight everyone.

P.S. Musicbeards has made it past 100 views! Awesome sauce 9000! Thank you so much to everyone that follows this blog, and shares it with their friends. I feel like I should do something in lieu of this, but I have nothing at the moment…. Maybe i’ll make some musicbeards bandanas for the summer…I don’t know. Thanks for checking out this blog though.

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