Beard Jams: Luminous Blue by Last Lynx

Happy Thursday all of you cool folks out there. Today’s song I would like to share is called “Luminous Blue”, and it’s by a band called Last Lynx. This track is very cool. It is laid back, but has a lot of energy at the same time. I guess the best way to describe it would be a curious cat walking around on a winter day, (It works?). The beginning is lovely. The signature sound in this song is two electronic beeps, and then the band comes in. When they do come in, it’s an alternative wave of sound that enters into your ears. Vocals are really nice as well, especially the beginning harmonies. If you’re like me, and really enjoy vocal harmonies put into a song, then you will really like this track. The song feels very dream like and cold to me. Overall, I really enjoyed it. However, don’t just take my scatterbrained response for this song. Listen to it, and see what you think! Take care!

P.S. Yesterday this blog received the most web traffic ever since it has been up and running. Awesome stuff! Thank you all for that, and continue to share this blog with friends!

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