Beard Jams: Sea Creatures by SOAK

This next review is about an eighteen year old artist all the way from Ireland that just sold out her show in Australia. Birdie Monds-Watson is making her first big music break with her first single Sea Creatures. This incredibly talented young artist has already gained over a 100,000 views of her music video that was just released a week and a day ago.

I first heard this song when I was listening to Hype Machine and was instantly entranced by the acoustic elements in the song. I didn’t know however,  that I was listening to the stripped down acoustic version of the song. A week later I searched for the music video and realized I had been missing out on a whole other song. Although I love the version of her with just the guitar, I also love all of the little things that she puts into the final song that’s produced to make it sound full as opposed to it being performed acoustically.

Sea Creatures has a really nice, simple, and calming sound to it. I really enjoy all of the small things that are added into the song. Especially the part after the first verse when there’s a short synth piece that drifts off into the next verse. I also really like how the piano pieces that get played heavier in the middle section, line up to the melody that she’s singing. Of course, I think the violins toward the end of the song when she sings about getting better, was a perfect fit for the song, especially when you’re watching the music video. These extra additions to Sea Creatures really makes me appreciate this song even more from when I heard it the first time. It gives the song more oomph and an overall finished feeling.

If you like what you heard, you should definitely check out her sound cloud account. She has another song up on her page that is called B a noBody. She also did a cover of one of my favorite artists Chvrches. She covers the song Mother We Share. It’s preformed acoustically and is intensely haunting with “ohhhoooh’s” that sing behind her voice.  If that’s not enough for you, you can also catch her at some of her shows since she’ll be touring a lot for the release of her new album. SOAK will be releasing her debut album Before We Forgot How to Dream on June 2, 2015. She will also be in America this March for the SXSW music festival.

Check out what SOAK is up to on the daily with some social media sites!


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