Musicbeards Update

Hey everyone! This is Dan once again. If you’ve noticed recently, it’s been a little dead around here. There certainly has been great music in the world, and we’ve been enjoying it. Viewers of this site have also been sending us recommendations, which is great! We’ve just haven’t had enough time as we would like to have to post about everything.

We’ve also just graduated from college and are trying to get used to the grown up world. Aka the land of little fun. Val and I are both working jobs and are trying to deal with life as it comes our way.

Personally, I’ve also been dealing with family issues while trying to get used to everything. My dad has been sick for quite some time now and he just had surgery a few days ago. I’ve been helping my family take care of him, and am continuing to help them take care of him as he recovers. We’re looking forward to a tremendous recovery with him and can’t wait to see him healthy again.

From working at my job, to helping out my family while my dads been sick, I have had little time to work on this site. There’s no excuses. I’ve just been occupied with life. It’s not a bad thing, but it explains why this site has been quiet lately.

Don’t worry though! We’re not calling it quits. We still love music, we’re still trying to go to shows, and we still want to bring you guys some great music. Posts will just be on an irregular schedule. We might not be able to post every single day. Honestly, that’s okay. It gives us all time to listen to these great bands and artists and do actual things with our lives.

I’ve got some great footage coming your way from the Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance pretty soon. For now, check out photos from the festival over on our flickr here:

As always, keep supporting the bands and artists we showcase here on the site by sharing their work or liking them on their social media pages, or by actually buying their music. Don’t forget to share this site with everyone you know that loves music. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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