Beard Jams: Gotta Walk by Sophistafunk



   What’s going on everyone?! This is Dan again, and today I’m going to look at another band who is playing at this years Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance. They are known as Sophistafunk and come from Syracuse, NY! Here is their song entitled Gotta Walk. 

   The intro is awesome. I love the 8-bit electronic synth melody. I love synth, and I love 8-bit sounds, so this is a perfect beginning to a song. Once the verse comes in, you realize that this is a really unique blend of funk and hip-hop mixed with electronic music and instrumental post-rock. It’s a nice blend that will make you dance. Even if you don’t want to, you will find yourself dancing and grooving to this track.

   Every part about this song is great! All the parts meld together to create a really great, high energy track. The synths are amazing, the drums have great fills, and the vocalist has just the right tone in this song. The vocals are so smooth and definitely are on a mission. 

   Overall, this is a really great track that will easily be stuck in my head for days to come. I enjoyed every aspect of the song and thought it all melded together very well. Definitely check this and out, and see what you think! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! 

   To check out more of Sophistafunk, head on over to these fine links:






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