Beard Jams: Over it by This Wild Life



   Hey everyone! How’s it going? We’ve both been super busy with life, but we’re doing the best we can to keep on bringing you some great music! To carry on with great music, here is an awesome band Val and I watched a few days ago. They’re known as This Wild Life. Here is their song entitled Over It.

   I love the unprocessed sound to this song and this band. If there was an organic category of music, This Wild Life would be among the purest in this category. It’s really nice to hear such a great song with only acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, and vocals. 

   Speaking of vocals, they are amazing in this song. You might not expect such sweet and delicate vocals coming from a guy with a huge beard, but alas that is what you get. He has a great tone as well as great emotion in this song. I could definitely listen to this band all day long.

   Their live show is just as great as their recorded music. It’s probably even better then their recorded work because you are watching them in person perform equally as well as the recordings. Surprisingly, with their live show, it’s just the two people you see in the music video. No back up musicians. I think that’s awesome and makes their music that much more great. I think it’s great that such awesome music is being produced from two people and two instruments. I’m definitely a new fan. 

   Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! To check out more of This Wild Life, check them out at the links below and check out their latest album entitled Clouded. 





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