Beard Jams: Mess Around by Wild Adriatic

We’re back once again with a late night post! What’s better then discovering great music while you are supposed to be doing something else? Nothing! Indulge and enjoy this delicious song from our friends Wild Adriatic entitled “Mess Around.”

I really love the bass line in this song. It’s very catchy and enjoyable. Interesting bass lines always make for great songs. Additionally, the bass player has a wonderful fro that you can witness and enjoy in the video.

Vocals are sweet in this song. They are crisp and passionate. I really enjoy the tone of the singers voice in this song. He has a very good blues/rock voice. The lyrics to this song are nice as well.

Drums are simple, but fit in perfectly. The tom fills are just what this song needs to complete this song. The drums are never overpowering. They groove perfectly with all of the other parts. Great drums on this song.

Overall, this is a great song! This is a great song to dance around to, and play while you are driving in your car. It’s also great music to share with your friends, but it’s a great song to use for your next road trip. The video for the song is wonderful, and is my favorite Wild Adriatic video so far in their career. They look like they are having so much fun in the video, which is awesome.

If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it. They are wonderful. I’ve seen them live at least three times now. If you like their recordings, you’re going to love their live show. They are also one of the nicest bands I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. To check out more of Wild Adriatic, head on over to their website! Additionally, their latest album entitled “Big Suspicious” is currently available! Check it out! If you listened to our last podcast, you heard their song “Woe”. Another great song to listen to.

Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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