Beard Jams: Midnight Run by STRAKTOBEAM

What’s going on everyone?! I’m back once again with some awesome music. Hopefully the rest of the site has kept you entertained while I suffer with midterms and head colds. (Sounds like the next name of a cool song!) Anyways, todays song is entitled “Midnight Run”, and is by an awesome band from Finland known as STRAKTOBEAM.

I really like the collaboration that goes on between all of the synths in this song. There are a lot of synths used in this song, but each part holds up by itself. Each synth part cuts through on its own, but when all of the synths are combined in this song, it literately sounds like a synth wonderland. All of the synth voices used sound great. A true synth pop delight.

The use of the vocoder is nice as well. It definitely fits in with all of the synths used in this song. It kind of makes me think that the singer is trapped in a synth world, and everything they say or do comes out with the vocoder effect. Regardless of the images that pop into my head during this song, the vocoder in this song sounds great.

The drum parts are nice as well! It definitely helps the listener break up the song into different sections, and I think it helps show the emotion of this song as well. The drum parts are not too flamboyant, but they are not boring either. A nice balanced drum part that is fun and interesting.

Overall, this song is great. This song is for anyone that: loves synth, loves 8-bit video game noises, loves synth pop, loves indie rock and pop. I really enjoyed listening to this track, and I hope you will as well. If you like this track, go tell the band as well! Here are some links where you can find STRAKTOBEAM!




As always, don’t forget to tell your friends and loved ones about us as well! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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