Beard Jams: Gag Reflections by Wild Moccasins

What’s going on everyone?! Hopefully you all have had a wonderful weekend! I’ve been at school figuring out my schedule and trying to post when I can. However, I didn’t post that much last week. Sorry about that. It’s worth noting though that I still am working on things and our next podcast will come out this week on February 6th!

Anyways, for now let’s listen to an awesome song from an awesome band! It’s called “Gag Reflections”, and it is by a band known as Wild Moccasins!

I really enjoy the sound of this song. It’s one of those songs that I enjoy more as the track progresses. I also enjoy it more and more the more times I listen to it. It has a really nice indie pop/ indie rock sound to it.

All of the guitar parts sound great interlocking with each other. They complement each other in my opinion. They sound great by themselves, but when they are playing together it is really nice. The lead guitar part has some cool riffs as well that again work well with everything else.

The vocalist is awesome. I love her voice. I absolutely melt when I hear her do the “oohs”. Very good vocalist that really helps give some great emotion and passion to this music.

Overall, I really enjoyed this track! It’s a nice indie pop, indie rock song that is very enjoyable. As I said before, the individual parts sound great on their own, but the magic really comes together when everything is combined. Check it out and see what you think! Wild Moccasin’s latest album entitled “88 92” comes out tomorrow! Head on over to to learn more!

Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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