Beard Jams: Tereza by Trails and Ways

Hello everyone! Post is going up earlier today than normal because I’ve got some stuff I have to do when I normally post. Anyways, todays track is called “Tereza”, and it is by Trails and Ways.

This track has a really nice sound to it! I really like how I feel like you can hear two different songs in the track, but they blend together so well to make one really nice track. (Two songs would be an indie pop vibe with the electronic beats and drums, bass and guitar for an indie rock song).

The vocals are nice as well. Very smooth and thoughtful. It pairs well with the rest of the instruments. Vocals are almost dreamy too, which at times the song feels very dream like to me.

Overall, this was a cool track! Definitely check it out, and share with those you love! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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