Beard Jams: Wax by L W K Y

Hey everyone! Hopefully everyone had an awesome week! It’s also Friday, which means fun times are to be had in the near future. Anyways, this fun track we have today is called “Wax”. It is by L W K Y.

I really like the build up of this track. The soft synths with the vocals are really nice. I also enjoyed the tom drums in this track. Nice and big tom sounds.

The main beat of the song is awesome. I can definitely get behind this beat and enjoy it. I really enjoyed how everything blends together so well. It makes for a nice warm and inviting track.

Overall, this is a nice track to enjoy! This one is best enjoyed over and over again. Seriously, hit repeat. The more I listen to this track, the more I like about it. I feel like I hear something different every time I hear it. Sit back, and enjoy this track.

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