Beard Jams: Wabi Sabi by Deadbear

Here is another awesome track for you all to enjoy! This one is called “Wabi Sabi”, and it is by Deadbear.

There are some really nice sounds in this track. I really like the calm synth that is paired with all of the percussion parts. It really holds everything together in my opinion. I also really enjoyed the soft male vocals in this track. My favorite part was the “Oh’s” (At least that is what I think it is.) I don’t know how to properly describe another section I liked, but I’m going to attempt to. Rattle electronic breaks? (Or maybe a robot malfunctioning…yeah, let’s go with this one). Whatever you want to describe it as, I liked it. It definitely helped move the song along.

This track is a nice one to just sit back and admire all of the different sounds you hear. Feel free to get lost in this track, just make sure you have that repeat button on. I really enjoyed this track. It’s a nice track to relax to, or to wind up your night. Overall, a really cool track. Take care.

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