Beard Jams: High With Me by Yahtzel

Hey everyone! So remember yesterday when I said I was not feeling good, and was hoping it was just allergies? Well, I was wrong. I really am sick. If you know me, you know I absolutely hate being sick because I hate having to just sit and do nothing. Anyways, I’m trying to combat my sickness with some cool music. Todays post is a track entitled “High With Me.” It’s by an artist called Yahtzel

There are some really nice sounds going on in this track. This is definitely one you just kind of have to chill out to, It’s great for me today since I’m sick. It’s calm enough to be relaxing, but has enough going on in it that I can groove to it as well. (As much as I can being sick.

The intro has some really nice piano sounds in the beginning. It quickly escalates into an awesome blossom of sound. There is a fantastic beat, and there are lots of interesting sounds thrown in that act as accents.

The altered voices are interesting. At first I was not a huge fan of them, but the more I listen to this track the more I am growing to enjoy them.

Overall, this was a sweet track. Give this one a listen, and see what you think! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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