Beard Jams: Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It! by Kishi Bashi

Welcome back everyone! Hopefully we all had a good weekend. We start off this week with a track entitled “Philosophize In It! Chemicalize In It!” by Kishi Bashi.

Kishi Bashi is one of those artists who I have heard about and never got around to listening to him. (There’s only so much music I have time for in a day!) Based on this track alone, I’ve definitely been missing out. This track is brilliant.

The intro is lovely. I love how peaceful and dreamy it is. I could listen to the beginning seconds of the song over and over again it’s that good.

Verses are nice as well. Kishi Bashi has an awesome voice. Another voice I want to keep on listening to for hours on end. The song itself is very nice and has it’s light and dark moments. Mostly light filled, fun music time though. The acoustic guitar during the verses sounds great.

Overall, this track is fantastic. Take some time out of your day to check this one out. While you are listening to this track, I’m definitely going to check out his other work. I think I’ve definitely been missing out on this artist. Take care everyone.

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