Beard Jams: Cast a Line by A Yawn Worth Yelling

Hey everyone! How’s it going? Today is one of those days were every little thing that happens annoys me. If you are like me and are having one of those days, this song is for us. It’s called “Cast a Line”. It’s by a band named A Yawn Worth Yelling.

Right off of the bat, it’s pretty awesome. There is always something so calming about a singer with an acoustic guitar. Once we are calmed however, we go into some good rock time.

There are lots of things going on in this song. The guitars are interesting. Cool riffs, cool chords and some interesting effects on the guitars. The clean sounds are nice and crisp. There is one part where it sounds like there is a flange possibly? Perhaps it’s just delay as well, but it’s really cool. It does not happen a lot, but when it does it’s pretty sweet.

The vocals are amazing. The tone of their voices is just fantastic. Some really cool harmonies going down. The thing I admire the most is the passion you hear in their voices. Great vocals.

Overall, I thought this was a great track. It held on to my attention the whole time. It was a great track to jam out to, and to relax with as well. Check this one out! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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