Beard Jams: Just Don’t Open Your Eyes Yet by Polarsets

Hey everyone! How are we all doing today? If you didn’t check us out yesterday, we posted five songs instead of our usual one or two tracks! It was kind of crazy, but fun at the same time! Now it’s time again for more music! Here is a song called “Just Don’t Open Your Eyes Yet” by Polarsets.

One thing I really like is the harsh, but addicting quality of the lead singers voice. Some times it’s smooth, other times it’s a bit rough. I like this rough quality you hear every once in a while. To me, it kind of feels more natural. It shows the singers passion. There are also some nice harmonies going on in the chorus as well.

The beat is very fun and very danceable. There is a pretty cool synth sound going on as well. The chorus is awesome. Makes me want to jump along, even though I’m just in my bedroom listening to this song. It has a great feel good quality to it.

Overall, I enjoyed this track. A great feel good pop song to enjoy/be goofy to. Personal dance party to this song? I think so. Anyways, while I’m dancing away, check this song out. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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