Beard Jams: It’s You (?@#! Remix) by Duck Sauce

Hey everyone! I’m back to bring you some more awesome music. This weekend I didn’t have time to post because I got called last minute to dj a beach party. It was really fun, and it appeared that a lot of people liked the playlist I threw together.

Anyways, today I’m bringing you some new tunes, and I’m going to try and post a lot of songs today. More than I usually do. Up first is a sweet remix of Duck Sauce’s “It’s You”. Remix is by ?@#!

The intro is pretty unique. I like how it starts out similar to the original track, but then we hear a tape switching, and then it’s right into an awesome, fresh remix of this track.

I’m definitely a fan of the beat we hear. It’s very upbeat, fun, and overall just a good time. It was a nice start to my day when I listened to this track this morning.

I also like how most of the time when the singer is singing, it’s pretty close to the original track. Then between the singing, we hear the differences in the remix.

If you know me personally, you know that I’m not a huge fan of remixes. The only way I like them is if they are very well done. I believe this one is done well.

See what you think, and listen to the track! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! Also, shout out to my friend URRLLL who introduced me to the original track!

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