Beard Jams: I Was Right by Black Light Dinner Party

Hey everyone! How’s it going? It was super hot here today. In addition, I got called in to work about three hours early. Anyways, none of that matters because today we have a new song from Black Light Dinner Party! It’s entitled, “I Was Right”.

While this track still has the classic Black Light Dinner Party feel to it, it’s a little bit more serious and laid back compared to other songs I have heard from them. However, don’t let that discourage you because there are still great things going on, and it’s still a fantastic track.

I’ve always loved the singers voice. It has a tone and quality to it that just makes me want to listen to it all day long. I would listen to him at any time in the day. He continues this excellent voice in this track as well.

There’s also great electronic sounds going on here as well. Lot’s of cool synths, echos, and a nice beat. What’s cool about this track is that, while the song is kind of serious, it still has a nice danceable beat it.

Overall, I really enjoyed this track. I’ve been a fan of Black Light Dinner Party for a while now, and this track just furthers my enjoyment of this band. Definitely check this one out and listen to it. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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