Beard Jams: Friends by Eliza and the Bear

Hey everyone! Time for another nighttime post, because why not? This one is called “Friends”, and it’s by Eliza and the Bear.

I really dig the overall sound of this sound. The singer is nice. Has a good voice for this band. I also liked the harmonies and group vocals as well. The group “oh’s” were very nice.

The verses were pretty catchy. They definitely, and hopefully, will make you move a bit. The choruses were nice as well. Made me think of that moment some experience when they know they are truly loved and appreciated by friends and or family. Has that kind of proud, looking back on a memory type of vibe going on.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty sweet track. I danced a bit, and I think my beard grew a little bit. (Which is good cause I shaved it off today). Anyways, check this one out, and see what you think! Take care everyone.

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