Beard Jams: Curious by Harrison Hudson

Hey all of you little beard hairs out there. I’ve got a nice song for you all today. It’s called “Curious”, and it’s by Harrison Hudson.

One thing that draws me in to this song is the female backup vocals going, “Oh oh oh”. I seem to really like well executed oh’s and ah’s. 

The intro is also really cool. Makes me want to rock out right away. The drums along with the guitar sound pretty awesome.

The chorus has a nice quirky aspect to it. Has a great rock sound to jam out to.

The song makes me think of a Arctic Monkeys meets The Black Keys. Overall, I really enjoyed it. I kept wanting more after this song was over. It’s a short song, but very well done. Just makes you hit the replay button that much more.

Check this one out, and see what you think! Take care everyone.

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