Beard Jams: All You’ll Ever Find by The Map Room

What’s up everyone?! I’m here today with another cool song. It’s entitled, “All You’ll Ever Need”. It’s by a band named The Map Room.

I’m really digging the singers voice in this song. Very soft and gentle. Makes for some great vocals on this chill indie/alternative pop song. I just want to keep listening to him sing!

The music is nice too. I like how there is a constant drum beat, but over that is a nice, soft acoustic guitar part. Once the song gets going, the bass and the electric guitars are really nice. The electric guitar has a nice guitar riff going on.

According to their bandcamp page, they describe their music as “Atmospheric indie pop.” I think that’s a great description of this track. I imagine sitting up on a mountain, in the morning. Discovering a lake, and watching the fog just roll off from it as the sun rises.

Overall, I thought this was a great track. I really enjoyed it. It’s chill enough to be relaxing and play in the back ground if you’re doing something, but it’s also busy enough to hold your attention and really enjoy it if you are listening to it.

Don’t just take my advice though. Check it out, and see what you think! Take care everyone.

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