Beard Jams: Ponyboy by Surf Curse

Hey everyone! How’s it going? Today, I’ve got a nice indie rock, punk song for you. It’s called “Ponyboy”, and it’s by a band named Surf Curse.

The vocals are really cool on this track. Very distorted, yet very cool. With the lo-fi nature of this track, the vocals fit in very nicely. The lyrics are nice as well.

I imagine listening to this song as I’m about to go to a beach. In the car with friends, and a surfboard on top of the car, (Even though I don’t surf).

Overall this is nice track to jam to. I’m usually not a big fan of lo-fi productions, but this is one of those instances where I like what I’m hearing. Check it out if you need some music to skate or dance to. Enjoy!

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