Beard Jams: Tongues by Joywave (feat. KOPPS)

Hey everyone! Hopefully you are all having a pretty awesome day. Here is a song thats going to make your day even better. It’s called “Tongues”, and it’s by Joywave!

First of all, in the intro, the boom boom booms are amazing. So infectious. After the song ends, these boom boom booms were stuck in my head. It makes for a nice beat to dance to though, so I’m okay with it.

The vocalist is nice as well. Has a very chilling and interesting voice. Fits with the song very well. When the song relaxes a bit, and it’s mostly just his voice with some soft synths, is really nice. Then with the drum build up and then right back into the boom boom booms, so good. It’s my favorite part of the song.

There are lots of things going on in this nice dance/indie pop/electronic pop song. I’m going to be dancing to this for quite a while. Hopefully you will be too.

Don’t just take my bad dance moves and call it a day. Listen to this track, and see what you think! Take care.

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