Beard Jams: Sun Kissed Bliss by Splashh

Hey everyone! Who’s ready for the weekend? I know I am. Hopefully the weather will be nice out. I need some vitamin D. However, I think todays song will serve up some much needed vitamin D. It’s called “Sun Kissed Bliss”, and it’s by a band named Splashh.

The beginning starts very nicely. Once the whole band comes in, it just feels like a nice, warm, sunny day. The guitars are very cool in this song. I’m digging their tone.

This song is just a nice, summer time, indie rock jam. This song makes me think of Youth Lagoon if his voice was lower, and did indie rock music. Also reminds me a bit of The Vines.

I also notice some synth at the end. For whatever reason, I notice the synth more at the end of the song. I love synth so a little at the end of the song is better than no synth at all!

Overall, this is a nice summer song. Whether you are just chilling outside, or embarking on a road trip, give this one a listen. I enjoyed it, and maybe you will too.

Don’t just listen to me though. Check it out, and see what you think! Take care everyone.

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