Beard Jams: Circus by Paper Aeroplanes

Hey everyone. I’m really starting to enjoy doing two posts in one day, so I’m continuing that trend. This song is called “Circus”, and it’s by a band called Paper Aeroplanes.

This song is so peaceful in the beginning. Even though it has a somewhat sad undertone, it’s still relaxed and chill. It’s really nice with just the voice and the guitar in the beginning.

The chorus section is nice as well. The singers voice is stellar. There is something so warm, yet so sad about her voice that just draws me in. She definitely showcases a nice range, especially when she goes for higher notes.

My favorite part of the song is when the song gets to the “Ah” section. The climax of the song, and it’s a very beautiful one. Everything about the “Ah” section is just perfect for this song.

Overall, this is a nice acoustic/indie/dream folk song. Definitely give this one a listen if you need a change of pace, or like some nice chill, acoustic music.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Listen to it, and see what you think! Take care everyone.

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