Beard Jams: High TImes Again by Chris Rossello

Hey everyone. I’m just here chilling, so i figured I would make another post. This song that i have for you all is called “High Times Again”, and it’s by an artist named Chris Rossello.

I really enjoyed the beginning of this song. There is something so peaceful to me when I hear a good folk song. It just makes me happy for some reason. The intro sets the mood for this song nicely.

I also really enjoyed the verses. More so than the chorus section. I really liked his voice during the verses. Fits very well with this style of music. It’s up front, and wanting to tell you something. A story if you will. I feel like this artists voice would make for a very interesting storytelling voice. In a way, thats what he is doing through his song. His voice just really interested me.

Overall, I enjoyed this song. It was a nice change of pace from what I have been listening too. Check it out if you need some acoustic indie folk in your life.

Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to it, and see what you think! Take care everyone.

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