Beard Jams: Move by Pacific Air

What’s up everyone? Happy Saturday! Who is doing something cool tonight? Well, before you head out, check out the latest song to hit Musicbeards. It’s called “Move”, and it’s by a band named Pacific Air!

I’m really loving the singers voice first of all. It’s got a certain quality to it that is very enticing. Uplifting, yet kind of sad. Works very well for this song. The harmony vocals are very nice as well. Another great instance of the Male/Female vocal combo working well together.

The drums that are present during the choruses are very cool. Definitely helps this song move along and keep going. Bass is nice in this song as well. I really enjoy the bass line in the verses.

When I hear this song, I picture this being performed on a beach, at dusk, right before a storm is about to hit. I imagine the chorus being absolutely crazy when they do the “ooohs”.

This group kind of reminds me of Grouplove. A little more safe, but still a nice sound to them that reminds me of Grouplove. Overall, I think this is a very nice track. I enjoyed it. It’s a nice jam for a Saturday afternoon.

Don’t just take my advice. Listen to it, and see what you think! Take care everyone!

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